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At Phone Plus Computer Repair, we're the best at Chromebook repair in Dade City, FL. Chromebooks are like small but powerful laptops that work great with Google. They're good for students and grown-ups. But sometimes, just like other things, Chromebooks can have problems with their parts and software. Guess what? We're here to help! The brainy folks at our place know a whole bunch about Chromebooks and how to fix them up. Whether it's a screen that's feeling broken or a keyboard that's gone on vacation, we're the top choice for any Chromebook fix-up. We're not just good at it; we're also really nice about it.

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If you're on the lookout for someone to spruce up your Chromebook close to you, you've struck gold! We're a fantastic team of experts right here for Chromebook repair in Dade City. We care a lot about making things easy for you. Our experts are like superheroes for Chromebooks, they figure out what's not feeling right and zap it back to life. Trust us in Dade City to do a super-duper job, whether we're switching out the battery, giving a broken screen some care, or fixing up the charging port of your Chromebook. We like to keep things simple and make your device feel brand new.

Easy Chromebook Repair Services in Dade City, FL

Chromebook Repair Diagnostics

At Phone Plus Computer Repair, we take a super close look at your Chromebook to see what's up. We use special tools to get the lowdown on the problems doing Chromebook Repair Diagnostics. Knowing what's not feeling right is like having a treasure map to fix it up.

Chromebook Screen Replacement

Got a Chromebook screen that's feeling a bit cracked or wonky? No worries! We can switch it out for you. We offer Chromebook Screen Replacement and use super screens that make your Chromebook look and act like it just had a refreshing nap.

Chromebook Water Damage Repair

Accidents happen, and sometimes your Chromebook gets a little wet. But don't worry, we're experts at Chromebook Water Damage Repair. We check how much splash happened, give everything a good clean, and make sure it's all dry and cozy. Your Chromebook will thank us!

Chromebook Battery Replacement

Is your Chromebook's battery acting like it's been to one too many parties? No problem! We offer Chromebook Battery Replacement and we'll swap it out for a brand-new, supercharged battery. Our experts also double-check everything to make sure your Chromebook charges up fast and stays powered for a really long time.

Chromebook Camera Repair

Say cheese! If your Chromebook's camera is acting a bit shy, we can fix it up. Our tech wizards know a lot about Chromebook Camera Repair. We figure out what's going on and make your camera happy again

What Makes Us Special For Chromebook Repair in Dade City, FL?


Pick us because we're like the best Chromebook repair in Dade City, FL. Our experts are like Chromebook champions, and they only focus on fixing Chromebooks. That means they know everything about them. We use top-notch parts to fix your Chromebook, so it stays feeling awesome for a really, really long time. What's so cool about us is that we really, really want to do a great job for you. Your Chromebook is like a VIP, and we fix it up quickly and awesomely. Our friendly team makes sure fixing your Chromebook is like a walk in the park from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if my Chromebook won't turn on?
    If your Chromebook is feeling a little sleepy and won't wake up, check if it's plugged in. Look at the charger and where it's plugged in. If it's still not waking up, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds.
  • How can I make my Chromebook battery last even longer?
    To give your Chromebook's battery a longer playtime, turn down the brightness, close apps that are on a break, and turn off things you don't need. Use the "Battery Saver" feature and turn off Wi-Fi when it's taking a nap. And don't forget to give your Chrome OS some love with regular updates.
  • What if my Chromebook doesn't connect with Wi-Fi?
    If your Chromebook is being a little shy with Wi-Fi, give it a little pep talk. Restart your Chromebook and the Wi-Fi router. Double-check that you're typing the right Wi-Fi password and that the network isn't playing hide-and-seek. If it's still not connecting, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi.

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