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Phone Plus Computer Repair store is the ultimate one-stop shop for your device's repairs and fixing needs. We provide various solutions for Chromebook problems. We can efficiently fix your device in no time.

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Reliable Chromebook Repair Services

The Chromebook repairs and fixes we provide to our clients are the most dependable ones you will find in the market. Faulty Chromebooks are the biggest troublemakers; you can get them fixed at our store.

Common Problems Chromebooks Face

Battery Replacement

Batteries are one of the most fragile parts of a Chromebook. They can go wrong quicker than you might think for them to die. Don't worry; we provide quick, affordable, and top-quality repair services for your Chromebook.

Screen Replacement

If you are facing a broken or dead screen, maybe it's time we say goodbye to the malfunctioning part and hello to the new and vividly sharp display for your Chromebook. Get a screen replacement service for your Chromebook Now!

Charging Port Repair

Another factor that can affect your device's battery life is a faulty charging port. We have a cure for that, too. Get a charging port replacement service for your gadget, and let us help you get the screen times we know Chromebooks can deliver.

Charging Port Repair

A properly functional charging port is the primary thing that keeps your Mac’s battery running for long. If you feel a sudden drop in the screen time of your MacBook, the problem may be with the charging port; maybe the battery is not at fault here. We can fix it for you.

Water Damage Repair

Did water get into your Chromebook? Don't worry; there's no need to panic. Just turn it off and remove its battery, or bring it to our store and let the professionals work their magic on your device.

USB Port Repair

Broken and malfunctioning USB Ports make it hard for the owner to transfer software and data to and from other plug-and-play connectible devices. Get a USB port repair service and restore your device's full functionality.

Overheating Repair

Heating-up gadgets lose their performance and can malfunction at any time. In the worst case, they can get burnt microchips and die on you when you need them the most. If you're feeling something similar with your Chromebook, get it checked for overheating repair in your area.

Reasons To Choose Us


The replacement parts we utilize are the best quality ones.


We provide budget-friendly repair services, making every repair accessible to everyone.

Fast Turnaround

The repairs at Phone PCR are not only affordable and high-quality, but they are quick and efficient, too.

Highly Professional Technicians

Our tech enthusiastic experts are very trained and highly professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get reliable Chromebook repair in Plant City, FL?
    Phone Plus Computer Repair now provides top-notch Chromebook repair in Plant City, FL. You can now get affordable and reliable Chromebook repair services in your area.
  • Do you fix Chromebook cameras, too?
    Yes, we can repair or replace your Chromebook camera and make it work like it should. Video call your loved ones and attend meetings all you want with your revamped camera.
  • Why is my Chromebook not turning on?
    To figure out what is wrong with your Chromebook, don't rely on DIYs; bring it to us and let our trained professionals figure out what is bugging your gadget.

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