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Phone Plus Computer Repair is known for its gadget fixing services in Plant City. People know that if there is a store they can genuinely trust regarding Pixel repair services, it's this place.!

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Stop looking for a reliable Pixel repair store in your area. You have reached the perfect spot for all repairs under a single roof. We present all types of fixes for your smartphone. We rest only after we are done with your repair.

Common Google Pixel Repair Services

Repair Diagnostics

Don't know what is bugging your device? Let us find out what exactly is the problem with it and fix it for you. We are providing the best Pixel repair diagnostics services for your Google Pixel device.

Screen Repair

Having dead pixels on Google Pixel is not the best thing in the world. If you need a broken or cracked screen replacement or repair service in your neighborhood, PCR will take your worries and throw them out the window.

Battery Repair

You don't need to look for power outlets everywhere you go. If your battery drains rapidly, we suggest you get a battery replacement service and save the hassle of recharging your Google Pixel every few hours.

Back Glass Repair

Broken glass looks terrible and is hazardous to anything that comes in contact with it. It can cut through materials and can cause severe damage. If your Pixel's back glass is shattered, restore your device's premium and safe look and feel through our rear glass replacement service.

Water Damage Repair

No liquid is friends with the motherboard and internal connections of your device. If your phone accidentally dips into water or some other fluid, our technicians are well-trained to tackle such issues. Bring it to us and let professionals deal with your case.

Camera Repair

As Pixel's camera is the most significant unique selling point of this powerhouse of a device, Its camera should be able to perform as advertised. Don't worry if yours isn't. We are here with Google Pixel camera replacement service to do that for you.

Your Problems | Our Solution

Top Quality Repairs

Our gadget fixing services are the best quality ones you will ever find in your area. The quality of replacement parts we use for repairs is second to none.

Quick Restorations

We provide convenient and swift repair services without wasting an extra minute. Rest assured, your device will be with you soon.

Trained Repair Technicians

The experts at PCR are very professional and know all the intricate parts of your Google Pixel smartphone. And can efficiently restore it to its former condition.

Economical Pricing

Repair costs at our store are minimal. We take pride in providing the most high-end repairs at the most low-end prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my Google Pixel Not Turning On?
    Head over to our store and let us diagnose your device's issues. We will not only assess your device but also fix its problems conveniently.
  • Do you fix software issues with pixel phones as well?
    Software problems usually cause glitches and frozen screens. If you feel like your device is facing issues with its software, bring it to us and let us figure out what went wrong with it.
  • My Pixel's speaker is not working. Can you help me?
    PCR knows how important your device is to you. If it has suddenly gone mute, we can help you reinstate its former glorious sound system and ensure it is as loud and deep as it used to be.

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