Your Ultimate iPhone 14 Plus Repair in Dade City, FL

The iPhone 14 Plus Repair You Call For

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Your Ultimate iPhone 14 Plus Repair in Dade City, FL

Just like your newly released device, every smartphone is subject to accident. Some incidents can be ignored; however, for some, you will need to find a quality iPhone 14 Plus repair in Dade City, FL. At Phone Plus Computer Repair, we have experts who are capable of handling all problems with your valued cell phone. From water damage to screen fixes, we are offering the most reliable iPhone 14 Plus repair services.


One iPhone 14 Plus Repair Store For Every Issue

Phone Plus Computer Repair store is one destination to resolve all types of issues that can occur in your device. With a comprehensive range of iPhone repair services, we take pride in our team of experts. Each issue is met with professional care and given the attention that is necessary for the complete revival of your gadget.

All-Time-Favorite iPhone 14 Plus Repair Near Me

Located in the state of Florida, Phone Plus Computer Repair is the first choice of people of Dade City when it comes to getting their smart gadgets restored. You do need to further look for an iPhone 14 Plus repair store near you. We are your ideal choice for all cell phone fixes in your local area.

Contact us today to get your handset renewed by a certified professional. Our technicians will sort out almost all the repairs in a single day. Hence, if you wish to get things done quickly, we are your go-to store.

Types of iPhone 14 Plus Repair Services

iPhone 14 Plus Screen Restoration

Worried about a disturbing LCD crack? Or is there a multicolor line on your display? Our iPhone 14 Plus screen repair comes with a complete set of display-related solutions to revive the visual features of your device. Get in touch with us today.

iPhone 14 Plus Water Damage

Did you forget to remove your handset from your pocket before going for a swim? Liquid damage is one of the common accidents that can happen to anyone. Use our iPhone 14 Plus water damage repair to save your device from permanent destruction.

Camera Repair

A damaged camera lens can impact the clarity of the pictures that the smartphone is capturing. Our techs are always ready to enhance your photography with an iPhone 14 Plus camera repair. Do not wait to get it fixed and get back to capturing amazing photos once again.

Battery Replacement

Are you noticing a difference in the battery life of your smartphone? This can happen over time, as Apple recommends a battery change once a year. Our highly trained staff can serve you with a premium iPhone 14 Plus battery repair and replacement service.

iPhone 14 Plus Charging Port Fix

With our dependency on our devices to perform daily life tasks, we can not survive an entire day without a phone. An iPhone 14 Plus charging port repair is a common fix that our clients ask for when the smart device is not charging properly. Keep our phone fully charged with us.

Diagnostics Service

Diagnosis and identifying the underlying cause behind a problem are major steps in the case of any repair. Early troubleshooting of a trouble-making issue can lead to an early restoration. Use our rapid iPhone 14 Plus diagnostics for a quick revival of your device.

Why We Are The Best Choice

Expert Technicians

Join us at Phone Plus Computer Repair, where we offer you a team of technicians who are certified and have specialized knowledge to handle every repair with absolute competence.

Fast Turnaround Time

We are aware of the value of time, and we make sure not to waste it. At our repair store, the technicians get straight to work as soon as a smart device arrives. We make sure to deliver it fast.

Reasonable Prices

The pricing at our repair store is very competitive. We are making sure to provide every client with cheap cell phone repair options. Contact us to know more.

Easy Warranty

With our skilled team of professionals, we are very confident in all of our repairs. Based on this factor, we offer hassle-free warranties for almost all of our solutions. Our repair gurus at Phone Plus Computer Repair can make your device look and feel like new once again.

Choose Your Model


Yes, if your smartphone speaker is not able to produce a loud enough music sound. We can give it an iPhone 14 Plus speaker repair.

Yes, ask for our iPhone 14 Plus not turning on repair if your cell phone is unable to wake up. Our technicians will restore the functionality.

No, we offer a wide range of repair services. We cover brands like LG, Google, Apple, OnePlus, and Motorola. Moreover, we also provide buying and selling services at our store.