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Looking For An Expert iPhone Repair Services in plant city?

Welcome to Phone Plus Computer Repair, your one-stop shop for all iPhone repair needs. We’re among the best stores in the area providing professional and convenient iPhone repair services. Your search for iPhone repair in Plant City, FL ends here. If you’re struggling with a broken iPhone or want a quick diagnosis to identify the unknown issue, then you’ve come to the right place.

Phone Plus Computer Repair is your one-stop solution for all iPhone repair needs. We’re among the best iPhone repair stores in the area. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we’re here to take care of your device.

Whether you need an iPhone screen repair or looking for an affordable iPhone battery replacement, our professional team has got you covered! We’re fast, efficient, reliable, trusted, and affordable. Contact us for quick quotes and further information!


iPhone Repair Services We Offer

From years of experience, we understand the struggle and frustration when a smartphone is out of hand. Therefore, we don’t take much of the time in our repairs. Our certified techs strive hard to ensure a satisfactory and fast turnaround of the device.

We offer a wide range of iPhone repair services. Covering both hardware and software issues. We use the best premium quality repair and replacement parts to ensure no compromise in quality. Additionally, our iPhone repair cost is the most competitive in the town.

Please note the cost of repairs depends on the type of issue and the price of the parts it requires. You can call us now for instant quotes and further queries.

iPhone Screen Replacement in Plant City

Got a dented or shattered front glass? It might stop you from navigating on the phone but not for a longer time when you’re at Phone Plus Computer Repairs. We offer same-day iPhone broken screen repair service. We’ll get your phone back to its prime condition as it was before.


iPhone Back Glass Repair in Plant City

A cracked back of the iPhone not only looks ugly but is also an open invitation for moisture and dust to enter inside. So, move around with any worries by consulting us for iPhone back glass replacement. We use premium quality parts to ensure the best quality repairs.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Plant City

More frequent discharge of the juice, swollen battery or not turning on are some of the signs that notify us to get an iPhone battery replacement done. Here at Phone Plus Computer Repair, we offer the best iPhone batteries at an affordable cost. Let us get your phone back up and running again.


iPhone Speaker Repair in Plant City

Experiencing a distorted or muffled sound from the speakers? Not anymore! At our store, we offer quick and affordable iPhone speaker repair. Our techs will diagnose and fix the issue without any hassle

iPhone IOS Repair in Plant City

Along with the best iPhone hardware repairs, we’re also experts in iPhone software fixes. If your phone’s IOS is malfunctioning or any other related issue, we can fix it. From password reset to data recovery, we’ve got you covered.


iPhone Water Damage Repair in Plant City

An accidental drop in the pool or a nasty mishap can cause the most damage if the water droplets successfully seep inside the phone affecting the electronic components. However, you don’t need to worry as our experts will leave no stone unturned in delivering quick and effective iPhone water damage repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look no further for iPhone repair near me. Phone Plus Computer Repairs is your ultimate solution for iPhone repair in Plant City, FL. We offer a wide range of best-quality iPhone repair services at the most affordable cost.

If you’re feeling a slow charging of the phone or the device heats up while plugged in, then you need an iPhone charging port repair done. Here at our store, we offer top-quality repair solutions without taking too long.

Don’t worry if your phone’s camera is broken. At Phone Plus Computer Repairs, we offer top-quality iPhone camera repair services for all iPhone models. Let us fix your phone to capture memories.

There could be multiple reasons for an iPhone not turning on. It could be a hardware defect or a software malfunction. However, we will diagnose and fix the issue at the most competitive cost.