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Welcome to Phone Plus Computer Repair. We want to re-energize your electronics if they are down because of any damage, and as a result, you have lost important data, which is inconvenient and frustrating. Get the services for LG Phone Repair in Dade City, FL, to fix the problems impairing your device's functionality or performance.

Best LG Phone Repair Service Provider in Dade City, FL

Phone Plus Computer Repair is the finest destination for LG Phone repair services. With our knowledgeable techs, premium quality parts, and dedication to client satisfaction, you will get outstanding solutions for your device. Trust us to provide the care and attention your equipment deserves, and we can guarantee you will always be satisfied.

Looking For Fast and Reliable LG Phone Repair Near Me?

If you need LG Phone repair services and you're in Dade City, FL, we know you have various options. Phone Plus Computer Repair is the best choice as we are renowned as a highly-reputable tech repair centre across the area. Don't let a minor problem transform into a major one. Contact us, and we'll help you maintain your smartphone's functionality and prolong its life by offering a range of services, including effective screen repairs, battery replacement, and others. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and resolve any issues with your cellphone, and you can enjoy a prompt and satisfactory restoration experience for different LG Phone models.

Get The Expert Repairs Done Affordably

LG Phone Battery Replacement

As your phone gets older, you've undoubtedly noticed that the battery drains faster. You rarely need to connect the phone to its charger when buying it. But its battery life gets shorter the more you use it and the older it gets. Getting LG Phone battery replacement service from us is far less expensive than throwing away your old phone and purchasing a new one.

LG Phone Screen Repair

The most frequent smartphone repair problem we encounter is a broken or cracked screen, usually caused by dropping the device. With this issue, time is of the essence; the longer you put off getting your screen fixed, the more likely it is to break and crack. It may eventually even stop responding to touches. Luckily, LG phone screen repairs are simple, so your gadget will be fine if you take it to our shop as soon as it breaks.

LG Phone Camera Repair

Indeed, LG phones have excellent cameras. This is why having a broken camera is so annoying, especially if you are fond of clicking even the smallest moments. The most effective way to get your camera working flawlessly again is to take it to us, where our camera repair specialists fix the issue regardless of whether your photos are out-of-focus or the app is just not starting up.

LG Phone Charging Port Repair

Do you frequently plug in and unplug your cable before hearing the recognizable charging sound? Is it taking a long time for your phone to reach 100% charge? Try to charge your device with various chargers. It's the cable you usually charge with if you've tried several chargers, which all function. But if the cord is not the culprit, then remember, though DIY repairs might be helpful to some extent, it's advisable to let our professionals handle the problem.

LG Phone Back Glass Repair

You don't have a bad day if you just had a back glass catastrophe; all you need is quick, affordable repair for your gadget because when the damage to the back glass gets worse, it can cause big pieces of glass to fall off the device, exposing internal parts and causing even more harm. This is where our LG Phone back glass repair plays its role and let your worries vanish.

LG Phone Water Damage Repair in Dade City, FL

Has your drink unintentionally spilt onto your cell phone or fallen into the sink? The longer your device is submerged in water or any liquid, the more internal and external damage it will sustain. So, bring it to Phone Plus Computer Repair as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Just keep in mind that if your phone is water-resistant, it doesn't mean that it is water-proof. Therefore, act fast and wisely.

Why Us? Difference We Make

Expert Technicians

Regarding LG Phone repairs, the techs at Phone Plus Computer Repair are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled and will identify and resolve the issues with their remarkable expertise.

Timely Repairs

The process of fixing is rapid and effective because we recognize how important it is to reduce downtime. You can quickly resume using your device after fixing it in a fair amount of time.

Top-Notch Parts

We guarantee your phone's longevity and optimum performance by ensuring that the replacement parts we use in our repairs are of the highest quality.

Fair Pricing

Our charges are fair and reasonable compared to repair shops. You can have a clear understanding of the expenses.

Customer Satisfaction

The staff at our store offered excellent customer service. You will find them professional, kind, and considerate of your needs. They will address your every concern properly.

We've fixed thousands of broken cell phones and other tech gadgets; now it's your turn to count on us and get an instant quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any other phone brands that you fix?
    Besides LG, we also fix Samsung, Google, OnePlus and Motorola phones. You can also receive iPhone repairs from us. Don't hesitate to contact us; we would be pleased to assist you and provide the estimates.
  • My phone dropped and is now unresponsive to touch. Will the LCD and glass repair solve this problem?
    Yes, replacing the glass and LCD on your phone is usually all that is needed. The good news is that you can get these services at one spot at affordable rates, i.e., Phone Plus Computer Repair in Dade City, FL.
  • What risks come with trying to fix your phone yourself?
    You run many risks when you attempt to repair your phone yourself, including violating the warranty, unintentionally damaging sensitive internal parts, and possibly causing further problems down the road if you reassemble the device incorrectly. To guarantee a secure and efficient repair, it is best to entrust the work to qualified Phone Plus Computer Repair technicians.
  • My LG Phone is not turning on; what should I do?
    If it won't turn on, try charging your device using a reliable charging cable and power source. If the problem continues, contact us to diagnose and fix any possible hardware or software problems preventing your beloved cellphone from turning on.
  • Do you offer a warranty on any of your repairs?
    Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our repair services. You will be at ease knowing that we give a 30-day warranty on our fixes because we see the quality and standard of our work.

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