Lost In Smartphone Chaos? | Your Troubleshooting Blueprint

Let's be honest: without our cell phones, it is nearly impossible to survive a day in today's world. However, the problem is that these Smartphones, Smart Gadgets, and other handheld pieces of technology are always on the verge of damage. Troubleshooting such problems is the only way to save time and money.

In spite of the fact that no one intentionally breaks their phone, there are some ways in which those damages can be waned down. After reading this article, you will be able to take some things into consideration to save your smartphone from needing a doctor every now and then.

One other thing to keep in mind is that although these "things" ensure safety, in no way do they make your smartphone immortal. Everything in this world sees good and bad days, but preparing to tackle bad days and obstacles thrown at you is what makes a person intellectual.


Smartphone Whodunnit | Usual Problems Unveiled

Even though our phones are very smart, they cannot overcome an obstacle by themselves. What that means is that we, the owners, should have a basic know-how of what can go wrong and what to do and what not to do in each case.

Below are some recurrent dilemmas of smartphones, which we are going to uncover together.

Smartphone Water Damage

"Water is life." This phrase perfectly describes life for humans, but when it comes to devices and gadgets, or literally anything that uses electrical energy, "water is death." No, we are not talking about GoPro cameras and other submergible devices and vehicles.

We are talking about your magnificent smartphone, which was never intended to be used for underwater shoots, but you, being the risk taker, have taken it swimming. Water needs to be dealt with immediately, or it will translate into slow death for your device if, fortunately, it has not killed your smartphone instantly.

Smartphone Screen Issue

Cracked or broken screens, or Black unresponsive screens on smartphones, are the worst occurrences for a person. They infuriate and cause nothing but crippling anxiety. Smartphone screens are the only method to properly communicate with our devices.

Faulty and malfunctioning screens mean less than optimal utilization of your smartphone. Additionally, broken and cracked screens open the gates to even more dust and water damage. Even a small spill on the cracked surface can be severely problematic for your phone. Bear with us; there's a cure to everything; we have the solutions for you in this blog.

Smartphone Battery Issues

Faulty and dead batteries are one of the most common and most recurring issues in any smartphone. Without a properly functional battery, a smartphone is as good as nothing. If you need to charge your phone every 20 minutes, you're prone to miss some very important calls.

Not only is a faulty battery issue in itself, but it also can cause other parts of the device to stop working properly. A slight electric shock to the IC on the motherboard means goodbye to the components it was controlling.

Why Is Finding The Cause Of Smartphone Issues So Important?

The answer to this question lies in this question: why is it so necessary to find the culprit behind every bank robbery, murder, and assault case? Yes, you are thinking right, to stop these incidents from happening again and again and again.

The same goes with smartphone hiccups; if you don't find the reason for a smartphone's misdemeanor, it is going to happen repeatedly. To avoid such occurrences, you need to figure out what needs to be done and what caused this agony in the first place. The second important aspect of finding the root cause of problems is to figure out if you need a repair for your phone or if you need to start looking into the options of replacing your cell phone.

Deciding Factors For DIYs And When To Call Help

Your phone hit a snag, and now you want to DIY repair it. STOP for a moment. First, answer these 3 factors, and then decide whether you want to move forward or not.

  1. Do you have the replacement parts you need? Perfectly matched replacement parts for your device are a much-needed first step to DIYs. Find them first and confirm their compatibility.
  2. Do you have the right tools? Having the right tools (not some made-up tools like a knife and fork) is half the DIY in itself. If you don't have the right tools, don't even try the DIY before purchasing them.
  3. Do you have a guide? Even the most vigorous champions need mentors to prosper. Do you have a reliable source to guide you through the whole DIY process? Find it First, DIY second.
If the answers to the questions above guide you to DIY, you may go ahead, but if any of them guide you otherwise, you need to drop everything and get professional help. After all, it is your prized possession we are talking about.

Day-to-Day Smartphone Hang-Ups and How to Tackle Them

Every time we take our phone out of our pocket or put it in our pocket, we are exposing it to dangers of damage. Bear with us; we are going to explain everything in this piece of writing.

Disable Rarely Used Gestures

In today's world, smartphone companies are competing with each other, and this competition has seen so much hype that it is now starting to deeply root into end users' minds.

You have at least heard, seen, or read this "iPhone Vs Samsung". These two groups have now been established on the basis of features introduced by each smartphone company. But these features can sometimes be a lot more hazardous than you might think.

Let's take the iPhone's "single tap to wake gesture"; many times, when we put our phone in our pocket without much attention, its touch is activated, and its camera automatically opens. How did we realize it? "Heat and battery drainage" is the response to such questions. We suggest you do not lean on such gestures that activate actions and touches on your smartphone, causing overheating and battery drainage issues. Or you will need to spend fortunes on such repairs.

Use Top Quality Chargers and Cables

Chargers and charging cables for smartphones are the method of feeding these devices. The price difference between low-quality and high-quality cables and chargers is not the only factor affecting you and your smartphone.

Have you ever wondered why your S22 Ultra's battery does not last as long as it did when you used to charge it with the original cable that came with it? Yes, aftermarket cheap and low-quality cables can potentially ruin your battery life. The same goes with power bricks or chargers (as not-so-tech-savvy people call it). Always use top-quality connectors, cords, and bricks for the longevity of your smartphone's life.

Use Screen Protectors and back Cover

The last but definitely not the least suggestion from our side is to always use screen protectors and back covers for your smartphone. Swapping out screen protectors is always easier and cheaper than a screen panel.

It doesn't matter if you purposefully or unintentionally dropped your phone; the fact is that it will suffer. How badly it will suffer! Depends on various factors, such as the velocity with which it hits the ground, the toughness of the surface of interaction, and the point of impact that hits the earth first.

If your phone's back is glass or plastic, gorilla glass or ceramic shield, we recommend a back cover or phone case. It has two major benefits: it protects your phone and makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Some Last Words

Before we say our goodbyes, we will summarize our suggestions here: if you love your phone and want to use it for quite some time, learn about its issues, take good care of it, and lastly, the above suggestions could be helpful. Which includes disabling rarely used gestures using top-quality chargers, screen protectors, and back covers. However, if you are in need of smartphone repair in Dade City, FL, or are a resident of Plant City, FL, you can definitely count on us to provide you with the services you need for your smartphone. And if you need some repairs, we can also handle those for you. We care for you and your smartphone!