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It does not matter how strong your MacBook is; it is vulnerable to external shock. After any mishap, it creates some problems with time, too. If you have encountered any issues with your device, visit Phone Plus Computer Repair and get our MacBook repair in Dade City, FL. We never say NO! to any of the problems.

Your Ultimate Choice:

Are you desperately seeking a “MacBook repair near me”? Search no more! You are with us now. We are here to cover all your problems, whether they are with the software or the hardware of your MacBook. We will fix all with efficiency.

Phone Plus Computer Repair is your best friend whenever you need our help. We are always ready to accept your problems and remove them from your smart device so that you can enjoy your functioning device with all your expectations.

Why choose us:

Don’t go anywhere when you are with us. We always use premium quality parts in our repair, which can ensure the optimal performance of the MacBook. Moreover, we also provide a fast turnaround time for all repairs. We work around the hour to offer you the same-day repair service. Why search more when we offer a free diagnostic service to identify the problem, which remains a headache for you all the time? We will figure it out and repair it for you without keeping you waiting for long. Our expert technician will handle the complexity and remove it for you without any trouble. In addition to that, if you want to sell your beloved smart device or buy any device from our store. Our staff will value your gadget at a reasonable cost. Our price index policy will never disappoint you at any level. If you want to get the service, visit the “We Sell” and “We Buy” options for details.

Services we offer:

Virus removal Service

Have you downloaded any software from an unauthentic source, which led to the entry of viruses in your MacBook? Now, this problem has caused many issues while running your gadget. Don’t be late! This virus may result in severe breakdowns in your gadget. Bring it to our store! We are here; our MacBook virus removal service will keep your device safe from all problems.

Water damage Repair

Does the glass of water or the cup of coffee slip on your MacBook? Now, it is not working like it has been previously. You are facing many new problems with your device. The liquid entering the gadget can harm many other components, too. Fetch it here immediately, and let your device be fixed through our MacBook water damage repair service.

Data recovery Service

Is your precious data lost while you are working on it? You tried your best to recover it but failed. The information that you have lost is very important to you, and you want to bring it back at any cost. Don’t be frightened! Our MacBook data recovery service will handle the situation and fetch your data back to you without a single-minute delay.

Broken Screen RepairBroken Screen Repair

It is very distracting to have a broken screen on your tech device. You are not able to enjoy watching movies or doing work on it. Moreover, the cracks in the screen can also pose some problems to the display. Welcome to our store, which will fix your gadget through the MacBook broken screen repair service. You will not find any problem once you pay a visit to us!

Battery Replacement

Are you fed up with the battery, which drains too short, while it takes a long time to get charged? It is also very hard to search for an outlet all the time. Moreover, your MacBook will not work with you if you have an urgent meeting while you are traveling. Don’t miss the chance, come to us! Our MacBook battery replacement service will restore your battery health to the new position again.

Overheating Problem

Do you feel overheating when you are using your MacBook? A normal temperature is acceptable, but what to do if the warmth exceeds? This is harmful for the gadget. Whatever the problem is, our MacBook overheating repair service is here to sort it out at the first step. We will keep the heat with us and return your gadget without any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do Password reset repairs?
    Sure, our MacBook password reset repair service is here to provide you with the solution to any problem with your passcode. Don’t worry. Your data is in safe hands, and we will try our level best to secure it from being erased.
  • Why is fixing a MacBook more expensive than other devices?
    There are various reasons behind the expensive repair of the MacBook. Normally, it is due to the sophisticated integrated system and high-end brand. Moreover, the replacement parts of the device cost more than the components of other gadgets.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes, we offer a 6-month hassle-free warranty on many of our repairs. Are you encountering any problems during the warranty? Feel free to contact us; we will fix it for you again.

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