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Phones are our source of many things, including but not limited to calling our loved ones, entertainment, information gathering, capturing the moments, and sending and receiving important data. These are not the only things we use a mobile device for. The uses are limitless and need an infinite amount of time to lay them down one by one.

All of these uses become limited when your phone is locked to a carrier and that service-providing company decides not to care about you. We say you are the center of everything, and you deserve to be treated and valued in a similar manner.

This is where the land of opportunity begins, and we say our goodbyes to limits and “no can-dos.” From here on, there are only two things: opportunities and possibilities. In this section, we will discuss everything related to Phone Unlocking. We will discuss all the things you need to know about phone unlocking and how you can get it done.


What is Phone Carrier Lock?

Before getting into what unlocking is and options for unlocking, we would look at the various types of locks and policies that prevent you from using other carriers of your choice on your smartphone.

  1. Network Locks: This is a type of carrier lock that prevents your phone from utilizing other networks. Simply put, this prevents the compatibility of your device with other networks. This usually happens when you buy a smartphone through a carrier payment plan. The carrier you go with usually limits the cellphone’s capabilities to only accept their specific frequencies so that you cannot convert to other networks. This has significant impacts on the end user’s experience. The most affected people by such unfavorable offerings are the travelers, especially foreign travelers. They can’t simply switch out SIM cards and use other networks offered in the host country. They have to go through the whole process of unlocking to make a simple local phone call or utilize a local phone number.
  2. Carrier Policies: Some carriers have policies that are a roadblock for the end user to unlock their smartphone. Before jumping in with a carrier, you need to get some information about their policies for phone unlocking. Some carriers are very lenient in this regard, while others may be strict. Many carriers have unlocking eligibility criteria bound to contract terms, which ties the user’s hands to fulfill the contract or pay off their device in its entirety before requesting for unlock. Luckily, some service providers provide temporary unlocks for international travel, which is great for many foreign travelers, while many others do not. Look into carrier policies to find the most suitable service provider for you especially if you are a frequent international traveler.

Methods To Unlocking Your Phone’s Potential

There are 3 major ways to get your phone unlocked. We will discuss them below:

  1. IMEI Unlocking: IMEI is like a National Identity Number or health insurance number for mobile devices. No two devices can have the same IMEI numbers. One mobile with dual sim can’t even have one IMEI number; it will have two separate numbers, one for each SIM module. How this unlocking works is that it modifies the mobile phone’s IMEI number and marks it as unlocked in the carrier’s database. Although this feels like tampering and feels to be illegal, it's not; it is completely legal and allowed. This works for a wide range of smartphones, including iPhones, Samsungs, Google Pixels etc. This procedure is not limited to smartphones only; some feature phones can also be unlocked using this method. After getting the unlock, you can put any SIM module into your phone, and it should recognize it easily.
  2. Unlock Codes: Unlock codes for a phone are a set of numbers and characters, which, when entered into a device in a specific pattern, unlock the network restrictions on that specific mobile. Every device has different codes for unlocking. These sets of codes and characters can be obtained from reputable sources, like your carrier service providers or third-party unlocking service providers. Then, the user follows their instructions to insert the codes in settings or according to their instructions, and their phone is unlocked. This is a highly effective method of unlocking and has been used for quite some time for many phones, including not only iPhones, Samsungs, etc., but also feature phones. Users can get these codes from their carrier provider if they meet the eligibility criteria. This unlock doesn’t need any further maintenance down the road; it is a one-time process only.
  3. Software Tools: There are some tools and software that can manipulate a phone’s operating system into thinking that it is unlocked. Although this comes with a few risks attached to it, it is not that bad of a last resort. These software are third-party applications and are not so “legal” as per say, but are not clearly illegal as well. They lie in the gray area, where some may consider it to be completely illegal, while others argue that it is not such a bad idea as it may seem. One big drawback of this method is that it is only available for Androids, not for iPhones and other iOS devices. The reason for this procedure not working on iOS is their top-level security, which disallows them to interact with the OS itself, let alone trick it. This unlock is only recommended for tech heads and those who can take the risks attached to this process, such as bricking your phone and warranty voids.

Go DIY Or To Go Pro | Pros And Cons

In this section, we will decide whether to DIY or go for some professional help for unlocking services.

There is only one type of person we can really recommend DIY unlock service to. That is a tech-savvy person. Who knows all the whats and hows of the mobile software, And who is patient with the whole process? One wrong step means all the hard work is lost, so it needs practice and a ton of patience. If you think you can do it, go for it. Otherwise, keep reading the blog because the best part you’ve been waiting for is right below.

Step Selection to Decide Best Unlock Service Providers

Now that we have talked about locks and unlock methods, it's only reasonable to talk about where to get these unlocks from. We have designed a specialized method, which we call the 2-step Selection Process.

As the name suggests, we will give you 2 things you need to verify and research before selecting an Unlock Service Provider.

  1. Reviews: Since Unlocking is a very difficult task, not everyone can handle it. Ask other people who have had their unlocks done about their experiences and recommendations. They have “been there, done that.” In this step, shortlist potential choices and move on to the next step.
  2. Customer Support: Check the customer support of the service provider you chose in the previous step. Make and ask as many questions as you possibly can, and ask for as many detailed answers as you can. This will give you an idea of how much this service provider values its customers. This is crucial because even after the Unlocking, you may need to consult their customer support to assist you in many matters. So this needs to be done perfectly. This will give you your perfect match to the desired service provider.


In this article, we briefly discussed everything related to carrier unlocking. We saw types of carrier lock methods for phone unlocking. We also discussed whether you should DIY or Not, and finally, our 2-step method to find the best Unlock service provider in the area.

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