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Samsung is the name of durability and reliability. However, at some point, you need to take your beloved device for repair. For that reason, Samsung Tablet Repair in Dade City, FL, brings you all the solutions under one roof.

We come with perfection

Does your smartphone problems compel you to search for the “Samsung tablet repair near me”? Don’t search for it anymore! You are now at the right place, where all your expectations will be met at the first stop. Phone Plus Computer Repair is the most trusted repair store in your town, which will take all your troubles with the gadget home and set you free, along with complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Why visit us

Why search more when you have all you need? We have expert technicians with years of experience to ensure top-notch repair services. Moreover, their expertise in the field lets them immediately start repairing your gadget. You will be given a quick turnaround for your restoration. It does not stop here! We offer free diagnostics for your repair and then give you a flat rate. Along with that, let us ensure that quick repair and competitive price never compromises our quality work. So, if you are on the way to give away your smartphone; why roam around in town? Stop at our store. Hand it over to our technician and let yourself know the worth of your cell phone. We always offer you a fair share of the price to sell your tablet. Moreover, we have an option for you to buy a new Tablet at our store. Don’t be the victim of fraud; come to us and deal with an authentic store.

Services we provide

Water Damage Repair

Unfortunately, your beloved tech device slips from your hands and sinks in the liquid. Putting it in rice is not the solution. Getting late for the problem can cause severe damage to other components. Bring it here ASAP; our Samsung tablet water damage repair will fix your gadget in a short time.

Not Charging Issue

Are you fed up with keeping your gadget on charging for hours, but it still does not notify you of full charge? This can be the problem with your charging port, which needs a restoration. We offer our clients the Samsung tablet charging port repair service, which can quickly bring your device back to the smooth charging form.

Broken Screen replacement

It is heartening for the tablet lover to see his beloved tablet having a broken screen. The cause for that can be many, but let’s go to the solution if you want to repair your screen with possibly less cost and time. Then, Samsung tablet screen repair service is here for you. If required, we will replace your screen with premium quality parts to ensure its long-lasting functioning.

Camera Repair

Tablets need a good quality camera to capture the moments and take notes. But what do you do if the lens malfunctions? It’s okay! Phone Plus Computer is here for you, offering a Samsung tablet camera repair service to fix your device’s lens.

Home Button fixation

For smooth running your device, all you need to have is a functional home button. However, what do you do if you have a malfunctioned central control? We feel your pain and don’t want you to be in the pain for long. Our Samsung tablet home button repair service will rectify the issue and get you out of this trouble.

Speaker repair

It is a headache if the speaker of your tablet is not working. Moreover, this issue will hinder many tasks, like making calls, playing songs, or watching movies. Don’t get distressed; our Samsung tablet speaker repair service is there for you. So bring it here to have your audible fix without distracting your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth replacing a Samsung tablet screen?
    This is the most common question we are always asked. The answer is simple: if the repair cost reaches half the price of the new tablet, opting for a new one rather than a repair is preferable.
  • How can I access your repair store?
    Phone Plus Computer repair store has two franchises: one in Dade City and other in Plant City. Both offer the same services with all the instant quotes. We provide three ways for our cherished customers to access us. One option is to contact us. The numbers given on the page are for you. At the same time, the second way to reach out to us is the address provided on the page. And this option is to click on the map; Google Maps will drive you to our stores automatically.
  • Is your diagnostic service free?
    Diagnostic services are accessible in many cases. However, if gadgets are disassembled for the assessment, we charge a minimal amount for that, which will be absorbed in the overall repair cost.

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