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For tablet fixes, the Phone Plus Computer Repair store is your best friend. We take care of all types of problems your Tablet may be facing. We excel in Samsung tablet repair service. So what are you waiting for?


Samsung Tablet Repairs Near Me

Phone PCR is a reliable repair store in your area. For the residents of Plant City, FL, we are conveniently located near you. We understand the frustration you may be facing due to such a hiccup. Bring it over, and let us fix its problems.

Common Samsung Tablet Issues We Fix

Screen Replacement

Having a cracked and broken screen is the worst nightmare of any tablet owner. Not just because it looks bad but because it is hazardous to the eyes and hands of the user. Let us provide you with the best screen replacement services for Samsung Tab.

Battery Replacement

Despite having a big battery, if your Tablet is not giving you the screen times you expect it to provide you with, we are here for you. With our exceptional battery replacement services, you're in for a long juice treat.

Water Damage Repair

Liquid damage is real and very dangerous for your Tablet in the long as well as in the short term. It can roast its internal microchips and kill it for good. Before such an inconvenience happens, let our technicians work their magic in returning your Tablet to its fully optimal life.

Charging Port Repair

Charging is the most crucial part of a smart device. If your Tablet isn't getting its proper voltages, you can't expect it to live up to your expectations. Get a charging port replacement or repair service at Phone PCR and make your Tablet live for a long period.

Overheating Repair

Is your Tablet getting hot every other moment? This is not good for its health. Bring it to our doctors and let them decode the problems with its heating mechanism. This will ensure it never freezes ever again due to heat.

Not Turning On

Unresponsiveness is the worst type of pain for any tech owner. If your Tablet is not turning on, there must be some intrinsic reason. And this is exactly why you should come to us. We will diagnose and fix any issues with it and make it respond to you in time.

Our Selling Points

Trained Technicians

We have a trained and master-level team of technicians at your disposal.


Our repair prices are very pocket-oriented and convenient for all of our customers.

Top-Notch Replacement Parts

The repair and replacement parts we utilize are of the utmost highest quality.

Fast Repairs

Repair services at Phone PCR are very quick and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which repair I need for my Samsung Tablet?
    Suppose you need to figure out why your device isn't working optimally. Get a repair diagnostics service at Phone PCR. We are known to diagnose all the issues exactly how they are and where they are.
  • Why should I get my Tablet repaired, not replaced?
    Normally, getting a Samsung tablet repair in Plant City, FL, is very inexpensive and less frustrating than having a new device. This saves you the time of setting up your new device and minimizes the risk of losing your data.
  • Do you repair Samsung Tablet speakers, too?
    Yes, we can repair or replace your Samsung Tablet speaker to make sure it is as loud as it should be.

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