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Phone Plus Computer Repair store will be to your requirements. We know how worrying broken smartphones and gadgets are. The goal of our business is to get you the best of the rest repair services


Surface Tablet Repairs Near Me

Getting a reliable pair service near your residence is not only a win, but a win-win for you. Both of your worries can be taken care of right where you live, only if you trust PhonePCR with your beloved smart device.

Usual Tablet Issues

Screen Replacement

Broken screens are one of the most commonly faced problems with tablet owners. If you are also facing cracks and spiderwebs, you can come to our store and let us fix your problem with a high quality replacement part.

Battery Replacement

Are you having troubles with your tablet battery? Let us fix its problems for you. The replacement battery we use is of the top quality. We provide very reliable battery replacement service for our beloved gadget owners to benefit from.

Water Damage Repair

Did your device take a dip? We have the perfect cure for any issues that may arise due to this unfortunate happening. We can revive its optimal performance and eliminate chances of any further damage.

Charging Port Repair

If your tablet device is not getting charged properly. The problem may not be with the charger. Maybe its charging port is malfunctioning and disconnecting your tablet again and again. let our trained professionals do the honors of replacing your charging port.

Overheating Repair

Heat is one of the worst enemies of a technological gadget. If you feel like your smart device is getting very hot, you can bring it to our trained techies and let them take care of your smart gadgets for you.

Not Turning On

Have you got an unresponsive Tablet issue? We have the repair diagnostics service ready to help and assist you in your times of need. We will assess your device’s problems and kill them.

Our Selling Points

Professional Repair Store

Our technicians are well-trained and professional.

Easy On the Pocket

We provide premium repairs at very pocket-friendly rates.

High Quality

The repair service and our replacement parts are only the utmost top quality.


We provide efficient, effective and premium repair services in very quick turnaround times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my tablet not working properly?
    We can diagnose your device to find out what is wrong with it. If you need a Surface Tablet Repair in Plant City, FL, get to Phone PCR.
  • Do you provide tablet software repair?
    Yes, our technicians can figure out your gadget’s software issues and glitches. We can figure out what needs to be fixed, and fix your tablet software problems. .
  • How much does Surface Tablet speaker repair cost?
    Visit our store or click on get a quote button to get an estimate of how much it will cost you to get a speaker replacement service for your Surface Tablet.

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