Keep Your Tablet Online for Longer: Top Maintenance Tips from a Repair Store

If you combine the portability of a smartphone and the power of a laptop, you get Tablets. We are going to discuss tips and tricks to maintain these portable powerhouses and how you can keep them working and serving you for long periods.

Tablets are just like a middle child in a family, ignored all the time but overused and utilized the most. Usually, these not-so-handy gadgets are used by young people, including children and teenagers, who use them all the time but don't care enough to keep them safe.

Read below to find ways in which you can make your Tablet a bit sturdy and difficult to break.


The How's and What's of Good Tablet Maintenance

We are going to talk about 13 Major tips to keep your Tablet up and running for way longer than you expect it to do so. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Keep Your Tablet Clean:

Cleanliness is something which can take care of 80%, if not 90%, of the problems with your device. Keep your gadget clean, but never over clean it. Fingerprints on the screen should be cleaned and wiped, but not with soap, washing powder or shampoo. Clean it with a microfiber cloth and go easy on the pressure. Avoid any type of cleaner that can harm your device. Try to keep your hands off or wear gloves to minimize the chances of getting oil, fingerprints or dirt on your screen.

Avoid Liquid Exposure:

One other thing to always keep in mind is that your gadget is not waterproof. So, keep all types of liquids away from it. Don't test its water resistance by putting it in various liquids. In case some liquid gets accidentally spilt on it, or you mistakenly drop it into the water, below are some steps to be taken quickly into action.
Turn off your device quickly.
Get a microfiber cloth or towel, dab it with it, and fold it in it.
Put it in rice and find the nearest spot to get water damage repair for your Tablet.
Don't rely on these steps only; take these steps as emergency SOS. To make sure your gadget works for a long time, make sure to have a professional look at it.

Don't Overcharge Your Tablet:

Our repair experts say if you want to avoid having to change your battery now and then, stop waiting for it to charge to a full 100% and stop charging it overnight. Charging overnight overcharges your battery. Which in turn depletes its life. If you are concerned about the longevity of your gadget's battery, put your Tablet to charge before it reaches 20% battery and remove it at around 80-90%. Never wait for "a little more charging."

Keep Your Tablet up to Date:

Usually, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung keep releasing software updates for their devices. These updates usually include optimizations and bug fixes, which can be helpful in elongation of your device's lifespan. These software updates usually mean a proper OS update, but sometimes these updates can be minor security updates, which means that your Tablet will be running on and on for days to come.

Uninstall Apps You Don't Use:

Sometimes, there are apps that we need once in a while or at specific times. After downloading and using these apps once or twice, we forget about them, which means that we don't need them anymore. Don't let such apps lie around wasting storage as well as the performance capabilities of your device. Instead, remove them and whenever you need them again, download them. Offloading such useless apps is the best way to optimize your Tablet.

Conduct Regular Maintenance:

Like physical cleanliness, internal cleaning and optimization of a tablet device elongates its functionality. A messy and unorganized device is doomed to malfunctions and issues. Cleaning your device internally doesn't mean opening it up and cleaning it on the inside. It means organizing your storage, deleting unnecessary data, and clearing cache memory. You can do it in settings for applications or use specialized software tools to clean up your memory.

Restart Occasionally:

If you don't have time to go through the in-depth cleaning of memory, you can go for a quick restart. Often, this cleans up the cache and other temporarily held files and data, which makes your device lag or slow down. Before proceeding with this step, make sure to save your data and any task you are doing to avoid data loss. Failing to do so can cause you to lose your progress.

Protect Your Tablet:

One big factor that can really impact your Tablet's performance is physical damage. Cracked screens, broken buttons, malfunctioning cameras, dysfunctional sensors, and worked-up back glasses are all issues that can make your Tablet look funny and function badly. To reduce the chances of these physically threatening issues happening to your device, make sure to use protective back covers as well as screen protectors. Although these issues cannot be avoided forever, they can be delayed.

Invest in a Tablet Stand:

One badly placed Tablet can turn into the wrong thing at the wrong time and can cost you fortunes. Don't put your Tablet on the bed after getting up from a long session. As you or someone else may sit on it, it can crush your beautiful piece of tech. These devices can never withstand the weight of even the lightest human being. Buy a tablet stand, and make it your habit to put your Tablet on it and use it, especially if you are on a bed or couch.

Backup Your Files:

Backed-up data is one less thing to worry about when things go south for your gadget. Always keep your data on a hard drive, USB, or some other storage media such as the cloud. Never be 100% dependent solely on your device for your data's safety. Suppose your Tablet gets damaged beyond recovery or gets stolen. You can be at peace knowing that your data is backed up and copied elsewhere. Personal data and sweet memories are meant to be kept forever.

Secure with Passwords and Biometrics:

In today's advanced world, not using a password is something "uncanny". In the world of Biometrics and Face-IDs, don't rely on a "no lock policy". If multiple users use the same Tablet, you can enroll multiple faces and fingerprints. If God forbid, your device is stolen, all of your data is easily accessible to thieves, and there's very little that the manufacturers or other third-party services can do about it. Always be safe; use passwords, passcodes, and biometrics for everything, especially private data.

Manage App Permissions:

One good thing about smart devices is that they usually don't lie and never let anything cross their limit. But if there is no limit to follow, then there is no restriction on what an app can do and what it can't do. You should at all times know what you have allowed the apps on your gadgets to do and what not to do. Manage app limits and permissions to stop cyberattacks and hackers from entering and getting your personal information.

Protect Against Malware:

The last but never least suggestion we have for you before we wrap our blog up is that attacks and exploits are very common nowadays. Be extra cautious while downloading anything. If you can't do so for any reason, we have a solution for you. Invest in Malware protection software and rest freely. Malware protection software, aka antivirus, is a filter mechanism designed to filter out any potential threats and viruses and eliminate them before they can do anything harmful to you. It's like a funnel and a guard that never rests and takes no days off.

Crux of Tablet Maintenance

Any type of gadget, if it is not maintained properly, can act up and malfunction. There are some things you can take care of to enhance your device's lifespan and performance. We have enlisted a few of the common points to take care of to do so.

Following these things can be a beacon of light and hope for you and your Tablet. And it can make you one step further away from needing a repair store in your area to take care of your issue.

However, if your Tablet is not feeling well and needs to be taken care of professionally, worry not; our store has repair stores in two locations. Dade City, FL and Plant City, FL. Visit us wherever it is convenient for you, and let's work on your problem.