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If you are facing some functional problems with your gaming console, which leads to the uncertain hindering of the functions. You have already explored every possible alternative to return it like a new one. Now, you seek a reliable and professional repair to fix your console. You are at the right place! Phone Plus Computer, is the ultimate choice which provides you the best Xbox repair service in Dade City, FL.

Your ultimate solution

If your search has the words "Xbox repair near me"? Now you don't need to search more. You find Phone Plus Computer, your town's best Xbox repair store. We bring a wide range of services to our beloved customers, which undoubtedly compel you to select our store. The Phone Plus Computer repair store always cares for our customer's expectations and tries our best to fulfill all. From the repair rates to the quality of work, your satisfaction is our priority to ensure your device stays in optimal condition.

Phone Plus Computer | your absolute choice

Are you looking for something new that others don't offer you? Here comes our services, which come with additional service. The option of We Sell and We Buy gives a very reliable ground for our customers to trade in their devices with safe hands. We know what the premium is and what is fraudulent, and we will prevent you from fraud. In addition to that, we offer free on-site diagnostics on many of the cases to our clients. Moreover, our skilled technicians, having years of repair experience, are efficient enough to give you fast turnaround service, so you can immediately start. Furthermore, we are keen to provide premium quality parts for our repair at the possible competitive price.

Our offerings

HDMI repair

If your console has dropped from your hands or you transported it somewhere else, Unfortunately, an external force is exerted on the HDMI port. Any malfunctioning in the HDMI port causes the failure of the video input to your device. However, you don't need to panic; our Xbox HDMI repair service will diagnose the matter and restore the problem immediately.

Not turning on

It is a nightmare for the customer that the device refuses to turn on despite many tries. The problem can be the software glitches or the hardware. Don't go for DIY; hand it over to a professional repair. Our expert technicians are efficient enough to fix the Xbox not turning on issue.

Grinding sound problem

Are you experiencing cracking sounds inside the gaming device? And you are witnessing the notification of "disc can't be read" at all times. Don't worry at all but don't be late also! Fetch it to our store at the earliest for repair and let our Xbox grinding sound repair service do its job and drive the device back to its previous smooth-running conditions.

Controller problem

Any problem with the controller can result in frustration because it will not let you play the game smoothly. However, it needs a professional repair to fix the problem. Therefore, the Xbox controller repair service will return your device to swiftly working conditions.

Overheating problem

Keeping the device open for a long time can cause the console to heat up. The average temperature is acceptable, but what if it exceeds its limit? This problem can cause damage to the external and internal components of the device. Don't wait for any more! You only need to visit our store and fix your device through our Xbox overheating problem repair service.

Unlock Excellence with Phone Plus Computer: where quality meets economy in every repair!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the Xbox run longer?
    The tips given below will keep your gaming console longer:
    • Remove dust or moisture from the gadget daily.
    • Switch off your Xbox and be directed by the company.
    • Kids don't know how to handle it. That's why keeping it away from them is a good option.
    • Heavy-loaded objects should not be placed above the Xbox.
  • Where can I repair my Xbox?
    Phone Plus Computer is the best choice for repairing your gaming console. It strives for convenient customer service and ensures the quality repair for the gadget.
  • Do you only fix gaming consoles or other devices?
    No, we repair many other devices despite gaming consoles, they are Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, computers, and even Apple watches.

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