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Phone Plus Computer Repairis the best of the other gadget restoration service providers near you. Stop searching any further for the “best repair store near me”; you have landed on the ultimate store you were looking for.


Xbox Repairs You Can Rely On

We provide the most reliable Xbox fixes and restoration services. Rearrange your gaming night because this time around, your console isn’t going to die on you. Get it fixed and play all the missions you want to play.

Common XBOX Problems

Power Supply Issue

A faulty power supply means improper current flow, which may be the core reason your gadget keeps shutting down after every few minutes. Bring it to our store, and let us provide you with the gaming console with the best power supply repair.

HDMI Port Repair

Glitches and unclear displays are caused by broken and malfunctioning Video Output ports. We are providing reliable HDMI port replacement service for your XBOX. Bring back the vivid and clear display it is known to provide.

USB Port Replacement

Does your Xbox not connect to wired controllers, Or does it keep disconnecting? Not anymore; we are providing the most efficient USB port repair and replacement services in your area for you to benefit from.

Water Damage Repair

Has your Xbox been drinking water? Just turn it off and rush it to our store. Our technicians are more than just ready to help you out in your times of need. Take advantage of our water damage repair service for Xbox.

Overheating Repair

Is your console getting too hot even without playing the most processor-demanding games? Maybe the problem is with its heatsink and heat management system. Let us assist you in getting the most efficient overheating repair for your Xbox.

Not Turning On

Dead and unresponsive consoles are very frustrating. Suppose you have no idea about what is wrong with your Xbox. And it seems like its days are over; they are not. We provide Xbox Not turning on repair service for you.

Why Phone PCR?


The repair services we provide are affordable and light on the wallet.

Top Repairs

The quality of repair services we provide is unmatchable.

Trained Technicians

Repair specialists at our store know exactly what they are doing.

Quick Turnarounds

Not only are we providing the best repairs at affordable rates, but our repairs are also quick.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • From where do I get reliable Xbox repair in Plant City, FL?
    Phone PCR is the most conveniently located repair store, known for its unmatched quality repair services for gaming consoles.
  • Do you fix Kinect sensor issues, too?
    Phone PCR can fix your Xbox Kinect sensor problems and fix them once and for all. Be it problems with its connectivity or the sensor’s working capability. We can revamp it for you.
  • What is the cost of repairing an Xbox?
    The repair cost depends entirely upon the cost of replacement parts needed for the repair service. However, our labor costs for repairs are minimal. So don’t worry, you don’t have to pay that much.

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