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Phone Plus Computer Repairprovides the ultimate solution to your device malfunction problems. We are here to assist you in getting your device back to where it truly belongs, performing viably!


PS Repair Store in Your Area

We can revamp your PlayStation to work like it is always expected to work. If you are looking for a store that provides the best services when it comes to gaming systems, this is the perfect repair store in your area.

Common Repair Services For PlayStations

Power Supply Repair

Does your system die often? The problem may be with its electric current delivery system. Our store excels in providing the most relied upon power supply repair services. Get your power supply back in action in no time.

HDMI Port Repair

A faulty display is the worst type of fault a gaming console can have. This kills the overall gaming experience. Not getting properly vivid and sharp display output should be dealt with immediately. We provide the ultimate PS HDMI port replacement service for you.

USB Port Replacement

Is your PS having trouble connecting to USBs or wired controllers? Bring it to our store and let us replace its USB ports. This will save you the hassle of readjusting the connections every few minutes.

Water Damage Repair

Accidental spillage is not so often, but not as rare as well. If your PS is dripping water or liquids, bring it to Phone PCR, where we will assess and try our best to undo the damages such substance has caused to your system.

Overheating Repair

Too hot to touch is a state you never wish anyone to have with their PlayStation. If you smell something funny or feel your system is dropping its performance and getting hotter, get an overheating repair service for your device and play games all you want.

Not Turning On

Has your system died on you and has been refusing to turn on ever since? Don't worry; our repair diagnostics service is all you need to get your system back on track. We will diagnose and fix the problems causing this issue.

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Best Quality

Our repair services and replacement parts are the best in the market.


We focus on making repairs accessible and convenient by making them inexpensive.

Fast and Swift

Along with being inexpensive and premium, our repair services are quick too.

Professional Team

Technicians at Phone PCR are also among the most talented and experienced people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best place for PlayStation repair in Plant City, FL?
    We prefer the Phone Plus Computer Repair store in Plant City, FL, for reliable and quick repair services for PlayStation. Our technicians know all the ins and outs of a gaming console.
  • Do you fix the PlayStation Hard Drive issue, too?
    Bring your device to us, and we will provide you with the best hard drive/storage device repair for your Console.
  • What is the cost of PlayStation repair?
    Repair costs are variable depending on the device's model and the price of replacement parts. What doesn't change is our labor costs; they stay the minimal they always are.

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