iPhone 14 Plus repair in Plant City, FL

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iPhone 14 Plus repair in Plant City, FL

Is your beloved iPhone 14 Plus giving you a tough time? Whenever you are using it, it always creates hurdles in the middle of the task. Moreover, it is unable to stay alive with you. Whether the problem is with the battery or the software glitches, the problem will be sorted out in the Phone Plus Computer Repair, which has come up with its service of iPhone 14 Plus Repair in Plant City, FL. We will handle any issue with your smartphone and return it to you in the optimal functioning form.

We are counted as the best iPhone 14 plus repair store in the town due to the wide range of additional services to our customers. We take care of the client’s time without breaking the bank of our client. This is the reason a huge number of customers entrust their trust in us.

However, if you are here to give away your beloved phone, we are here to value it at reasonable prices. We provide the services of “We Buy” and “We Sell” for you to trade in without any hassle.


What makes us special?

We are the ultimate choice for “iPhone 14 plus repair near me”. We are true to our word and are keen to give our customers the extra mile while having our repair. The Phone Plus Computer Repair store is always ready to help you out whenever you are having any problem with your beloved iPhone 14 Plus.

Who else refuses to get free diagnostics when their cell phone is creating problems? The issue might be a minor one, but it hinders the whole performance of your smartphone. Suppose you are facing an unknown problem, bring your malfunctioned gadget to our store. We are here to figure it out and fix it for you without a single-minute delay.

Along with the repair, we also provide you a 6-month hassle-free warranty on many of our repairs. The duration may change with the restoration you order for. However, if you face any complications with your device during warranty, you can fetch it for us, and we will revive it again for free.

Services, we are expert in

Faulty Battery Repair

It is not less than a headache to have a faulty power cell, which takes a huge time to get charged, but it drains too early. It is more problematic when you are ahead in the journey; what to do now! Are you thinking of replacing it? If yes! Then bring it to our store; our iPhone 14 plus battery replacement service will restore it with premium quality parts, which will work the same as a new one.

Broken LCD

Don’t give away your smartphone when its display has broken down into a cracked screen. We have a solution for that. Our service of iPhone 14 plus broken LCD repair will revamp your problem and get it fixed for you without any delay. Moreover, we also offer a 30-day hassle-free warranty on the screen replacement, which gives an extended time for our customer to check their smartphone.

Water Damage Restoration

What to do with your beloved iPhone 14 plus, When you have spilled a water glass or coffee cup on it. The liquid goes inside the gadget, which affects the performance of the cellphone. The fluid may affect many other components inside the device, too. Therefore, you need to bring it to our store at the earliest. Our iPhone 14 Plus water damage repair service will revive it for you and remove moisture from your cellphone efficiently.

Camera Repair

A broken, blurred, or cracked camera gives you a zero result. iPhone 14 Plus is known for its high-resolution lens. If they are weak in capturing the picture, then it needs to be repaired. However, you are not supposed to worry about it! We are here to help you out with this problem. Our iPhone 14 Plus camera repair service is here to bring your cam back to new condition so that you can catalog your precious moments at any time.

Charge Port Fixation

Are you the one, who is continuously stuck to the external outlet, as your smartphone takes a huge time to get charged? However, it automatically gets unplugged or displaced, which leads to the partially powered. Don’t get late, as the problem might pose some threat to the other components, too. Our iPhone 14 plus charge port repair service is here to handle the situation and revamp the problem without letting you wait for long.

Back Glass Repair

The back glass of your beloved smartphone reflects the beauty of it. However, if it ever cracks or breaks, then it ruins the whole look of the cellphone. Don’t worry! Our iPhone 14 plus back glass repair service will cover your problem and replace it with top-notch quality parts, which will give it a look like a brand new one. Bring it to our store, and revive your gadget.

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Absolutely, our professional technicians can do the unlocking service for your beloved iPhone 14 Plus. You will be able to use many networks on the same smartphone once we revive it for you.

We repair a wide range of devices other than iPhones, including

Android phone



Gaming console



Many others.

Yes, we are here to provide you with the services of accessories, especially chargers, covers and many others.

Our policy of same-day repair is here to ensure a fast turnaround time. Moreover, we are also keen to return your gadget in the shortest time possible so that you can resume your daily tasks again without any hassle.