iPhone 14 Pro Repair in Plant City, FL

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iPhone 14 Pro Repair in Plant City, FL

Smartphones have become a part of the body nowadays. It is linked to all your daily tasks. We are incomplete when we have any problem with our beloved tech gadgets. If the same is happening to you, you are the lucky one to have an iPhone 14 Pro repair in Plant City, FL, around you. You are not required to seek any other reliable and professional store once you get to the Phone Plus Computer Repair store.

We employ expert technicians who will meet all your expectations without any hassle once you hand over your smartphone to them. They have years of experience in handling any problem efficiently without letting you wait for long.

We use the latest tools and equipment, which leads us to zero error while restoring any device. Moreover, we care about the money bank of our customers and never let it break down. These are the factors that make us the best iPhone 14 pro repair store in the entire town.


Our absolute advantage for you

Are you still seeking the “iPhone 14 Pro repair near me?” Okay! Let me show you some special things in our store. Who else is there to offer you the free diagnostic service? Are they providing you with a hassle-free warranty for an extended time? Do they provide you with an on-site diagnostic service that will not keep you waiting for your turn? If not, then the Phone Plus Computer repair store is the one which claims all the above services, and we are true to our word.

Additionally, if you are looking for a store that uses notch-quality parts while repairing your smartphone. Why search more! If you have the best iPhone 14 pro repair service near you. We use premium quality parts in our repair.

Besides all these, we also bring you the offer of trade-in service to our customers. Our options of “We Buy” and “We Sell” are here to provide you with the facility. Don’t worry about our dealings; we always value our clients’ beloved gadgets at very reasonable prices.

Your Problems, Our Fixes:

Short battery life Fixation

A drained and faulty battery of the smartphone is very troubling for the user. It will always create many problems whenever you direly need it. Don’t get yourself in trouble. Take our iPhone 14 Pro battery replacement services. And have a healthy battery with all your expectations. We use top-notch quality parts that ensure that we drive the gadget swiftly without any trouble.

Screen Repair

Are you experiencing a broken screen, which ruins your smartphone’s beauty as well as affects its performance? Don’t be late! As it can pose some threat to the other components, too, leading to further complexities. Our iPhone 14 Pro broken screen repair service will revive your problem and take it home immediately.

Water Damage Repair

Have to drop your smartphone in the swimming pool or a bathing tub. Resultantly, the water enters the Cell phone. Don’t leave the moisture inside the gadget for a long time. You will find your device dead after a short time. Removing the liquid from the device is very important. Bring it to our store, and let our iPhone 14 Pro water damage repair wipe all the liquid from your gadget immediately.

Camera Repair

If you have a blurred, broken, or cracked lens in your smartphone. Then don’t be in this form for long; the iPhone 14 Pro is known for its high-quality camera. What will you do? When you want to capture the moment, you will not be able to do that. We have an iPhone 14 pro camera repair service that will fix your camera without a single-minute delay. You can take pictures anytime, anywhere!

Charging Port Issue

Don’t keep your smartphone connected to the external outlet all the time. It will harm your cell phone’s battery. The problem is in the charging port, which requires it to be revived. Our iPhone 14 pro charging port repair service is there to bring you the solution. You will not face any challenge once we fix it for you! Enjoy your device without any appliance!



We generally provide a 30 day warranty for our general repairs. However, on the replacement of parts, we offer a 6 months warranty. We use high quality parts, which make us claim for an extended duration.

If you require charging your battery two times a day, without heavy loaded work. Then it indicates the drained battery. A strong battery will not let you charge your battery twice a day. It will work swiftly for you all day without any hassle.

The answer is a big NO! If you don’t have the knowledge or the tools for repair, then don’t go DIY, as it will expose you to further complexities. It is better to contact a professional repair store, which can fix your screen efficiently.

Do the calculation; if the cost of repair exceeds half the cost of the new one, then you need to replace the smartphone, as the repaired and the used one will be far better than the old one.