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Looking For An Expert iPhone Repair Services in plant city?

Are you facing some problems while using your beloved smartphone? This little problem hinders your daily tasks whenever you are about to complete them. It leaves you in the middle of the work and doesn’t let you finish. Giving away your cell phone is not the solution. It needs a repair, which a professional can do. For that reason, Phone Plus Computer Repair is the ultimate choice to fix the problem. We have the best iPhone 15 pro max repair in Plant City, FL, which works like a best friend whenever you encounter any problem.

We offer extended services with our repairs, which probably goes the extra mile for our beloved customers. Our additional service, along with the main repair service, has labeled us as the best iPhone 15 pro max repair service in the town.

Our store is keen to provide every facility to our clients, which makes it the best iPhone repair store in your area. We care for the customer, and we strive to be true to our words. Our mandate is to provide a convenient experience for our customers whenever they visit us!


Phone Plus Computer Repair | Your best friend

Search no more for the “iPhone 15 pro max repair near me”; you have already found the Phone Plus Computer store, which will meet all your expectations without any hassle. Moreover, our diverse abilities to provide many other services like accessories and trade-in have always given an extra edge to the customers once they step into our store. You can purchase and sell your precious smartphone at our store. We will value your gadget at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, we use premium quality parts in the repair process. We never compromise on quality work and ensure repair satisfaction at every step. Don’t go anywhere; we are here to provide all our services under one roof.

However, if you are in a hurry and seeking a repair store that can provide you with a fast turnaround, then you are the lucky one to have Phone Plus Computer Repair in your town. We are bound to repair your gadget at the earliest, without keeping you waiting any longer.

Look! What we bring for you:

Short Battery Life Repair

The battery is an oxygen source for any smartphone. It cannot work for you when it has a drained battery. Keeping a healthy battery is important in the long run. Otherwise, it will not let you keep connected with your friends and family for an extended time. If you are encountering this issue, you need an iPhone 15 Pro max battery replacement service to revive your smartphone. You will use a hassle-free battery once we do our repair on it.

Charge Port Repair

Are you worried about the broken charge port, which is not working properly? It directly disconnects or unplugs your gadget after some time. Moreover, holding the smartphone on a charger is not the appropriate solution, as it will affect the battery, too. To avoid this problem! Our iPhone charge port repair service will assist you and fix the problem for you.

Back Glass Replacement

It seems a bit unfair when you are roaming around the time with the broken back glass of your smartphone. The beauty of your cellphone is reflected in the shiny back glass. However, if you are facing the same problem, then no need to worry! We will replace your gadget’s glass through our iPhone 15 pro max back glass repair service. We use premium quality parts to look brand new.

Broken LCD Repair

It is very troubling when your beloved smartphone is flashing a black screen all the time. The problem might be with the LCD, which is hindering the screen performance. It needs to be repaired in order to continue your tasks. Our iPhone 15 Pro max screen repair service will fix the issue and return it to you in the optimal functioning form.

Overheating Problem

Are you experiencing an overheating problem while using your gadget? It feels uncomfortable after it gets heated up. Moreover, it also leads to the collapse of the battery when you play a game with it. This is not normal; it needs to be repaired as it can pose a threat to other components, too. Bring it to our store; our iPhone 15 pro max overheating repair service will fix every issue with your smartphone.

Camera Repair

A blurred or a malfunctioned camera of your smartphone never lets you capture the beautiful moments of your life. However, the lens of the iPhone 15 is known for its high- resolution. We are here to help you out with this matter. We brought you the service of iPhone 15 Pro max camera repair, which will handle any concern with your camera efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Plus Computer Repair ensures data safety and security at its essence. However, some of the repairs result in a loss of data. That’s why, we always recommend you to back up your data before it goes to the repair process.

Yes, we have the service of iPhone 15 Pro max water damage repair, which is here to restore your smartphone, whenever any liquid damages it.

Sure, we are here to bring massive amounts of discounts on any event. We need to keep you updated with our latest offers.

Absolutely, we will provide you with a free diagnostic service to identify the problem. Bring it to us! And find out the exact problem with your gadget. We will diagnose, identify the problem, and fix it for you without a single-minute delay.