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Residents of Plant City prefer getting Apple Laptop repairs at the Phone Plus Computer Repair store. This is solely because we value our clients above any other factor in the business. This helps us be of service and assist our clients as per their requirements.


MacBook Repairs You Can Rely On

Phone PCR is known to be the most trusted and customer-retaining repair store in the area. Our repairs are the most professional help you can possibly ask for your device’s well-being. We have helped many clients in elongating the lifespan of their smart gadgets.

MacBook’s Common Repairs

Screen Replacement

Cracked and broken laptop screens throw its portability down the drain. You can connect it with an external display and use it like a typical computer, but that kills the core factor of being a laptop. Let our technicians replace its screen, and then you can use it on the go.

Battery Replacement

Is your Apple MacBook not giving the operating times it used to provide you with? The problem might be with its battery. Age and charging cycles are two undeniably harsh factors on any battery. Our techies will replace it with a new one and restore its screen times.

Water Damage Repair

Have you accidentally dropped water onto your MacBook? Our technicians know how to handle such mishaps. Bring it to our store, and we will take care of your worries and ensure your laptop doesn’t die on you when you need it the most.

Charging Port Repair

A properly functional charging port is the primary thing that keeps your Mac’s battery running for long. If you feel a sudden drop in the screen time of your MacBook, the problem may be with the charging port; maybe the battery is not at fault here. We can fix it for you.

Overheating Repair

Overheating does no mercy to smart gadgets. It makes them work slowly and occasionally die. If your MacBook is doing something similar and is getting hot, bring it to our repair place, and we will fix its heatsink issues for you.

USB Port Repair

Suppose your gadget’s USB port is not functioning as it should or keeps disconnecting repeatedly. It’s time to fix its problems. Get a USB Port Replacement service for your MacBook and restore its proper functionality.

Why Do People Trust Us?

Pocket Friendly

Our services are premium yet very inexpensive.

Top Quality Service

The replacement parts we use are of the highest quality available in the market.

Trained Technicians

Phone PCR techies at our store are highly skilled and know every intricate repair part.

Quick Repairs

Repairs at our store are premium and inexpensive but also fast and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you fix MacBook Speakers, too?
    Yes, our MacBook repair services in Plant City, FL, are not limited to anything. We can fix your device’s speaker issues, too.
  • I don’t know why my MacBook is acting up; what should I Do?
    You should get a MacBook repair diagnostics service to help you figure out why your device is not working as it should. Head over to our store, and let us fix it for you.
  • Should I get a MacBook repaired or replaced? What is more convenient?
    Repairing an old device gives you a massive payout as your existing gadget’s lifespan is increased, all while saving you time, money, and the risk of losing your data.

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